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Extend the life of your roofing system

Update your residential, commercial, or industrial site with synthetic felt. Install cutting-edge technology from our specialists. You'll receive

high-quality products from leading manufacturers. You'll wonder why you waited so long.


Learn more about the top-rated PALISADE brand. It's powered by STRONGHOLD skid-resistant technology. This particular product represents

the most advanced synthetic roofing underlayment on the marketplace today.

Protect your home, business, and industry roofing system from harsh weather and other exterior hazards. Purchase the best of the best.

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Your underlayment is lightweight with high strength polymers. UV protection is available so the harsh sun won't destroy your metal roofing. Low absorption and low glare products are also available so you can avoid overheating.  With a Class A rating, your synthetic felt adheres to strict fire safety and liability concerns.


PALISADE surpasses all codes, approvals, and standards of the roofing industry. You can protect your family, inventory, and other precious treasures with the best roofing available.

A variety of beneficial upgrades

"In the rain, we were able to walk on PALISADE up a 10:12 pitch! By far, STRONGHOLD skid resistant technology delivers the most superior wet surface walkability synthetic roofing underlayment we've every used.

The other brands are scary when they get wet."

- Paul Lacinak, Factory Direct Installations


For over 10 years, our family-owned and operated company has stayed abreast with the latest metal roofing supplies. Learn more about insulation and synthetic felt today.

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